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Jacob John from New York

Jacob Hair Growth

Jacob Hair Growth Before and After 7 months of IHRF Oil

 I had male pattern baldness and had lost almost all my hair in the front and also on the top of my head – I had hair remaining only on the sides. I was very skeptical on trying any product after so many failures.I previously had tried every major brand and vitamin without any result. I heard of IHRF oil and gave it a try for 1 month, I was still skeptical but knew it was too early to have any results.

I tried it for 6 months along with the techniques that they revealed to use with the product.

I noticed small hair follicles which were new – the new follicles grew in spots that were almost bald and I had given up hope that I can even grow hair in those spots. Those tiny follicles slowly became thicker and stronger to the extent I had to trim them in 2 months to keep them in length along with the other hair on the side of my head. Slowly but steadily I noticed my follicles regrowing and in 8 months my baldness in the front and on top of scalp was covered with strong follicles. I knew that I have found the product that works for me and will continue to use it every day.

Since this product is made with olive oil and mixture of other oils my hair did get greasy – but i used nizoral hair shampoo every 3 to 4 days to remove excess hair before I went to work and applied the IHRF oil every evening along with the methods they advised.

Iam a happy customer because I got my hair back- I now feel more confident and attractive.My friends are all wondering if I got a hair transplant but they knew I was never absent from work, so they are all amazed at the slow transformation that happened before their own eyes. I have advised some of my colleagues from work to also try IHRF oil and see the results for themselves. If I had given up using the oil within 4 months then I would have never known the benefit but Iam happy that I continued using it for more than 6 months and received the full benefit,

Thanks IHRF Oil – I want you for life! 

Shamika Johnson ,Atlanta

Black Curly fast hair growth

Shamika-Before and After 4 months of IHRF Oil

Hi, This is Shamika.

I have black curly hair and have noticed my hair to be very slow to grow and have lost hair on my sides and also in the back. Since my hair type is curly I wished to have long healthy and strong hair which grows well and allows me to braid it or style it the way I would like to. But once I strated thinning and also losing hair on the side and back I was really worried as to how I am going to look long term.

I tried almost every product on the market – from all kinds of vitamins including hairfinity,viviscal,prenatal vitamins,biotin and you name it – I have tried it. I also used Rogain for women, different hair oils from ebay and amazon including jojoba and castor oil, coconut oil but to make a long story short – none of them helped me.

I was resigning myself to a state of despair and almost gave up hope on havinf nice healthy hair. Thats when I had a heart to heart conversation regarding my hair loss to a nice hairdresser who recommended IHRF oil.

I was not assured after trying out so many products in the past but resolved myself to give it a try. When I initially started using it along with the techniques they recommended , I noticed that my hair litterally absorbed the IHRF oil – seemed to me that my hair was being fed with nourishment after being starved. My curls started becoming thicker and stronger. I was very happy to see new follicles growing again on the sides and also back of my scalp where I had almost lost all hair.

From that point my hair became more darker, healthier and it regained its natural color and shine.Within 3 months my scalp was looking like a teenagers growing scalp and knew I was on my way to victory .Thanks IHRF – I cant imagine life without you . You have given me a very important gift in this life.Thanks again.

Marie Stevenson from Austin, Texas

Marie-Before and After 8 Months of using IHRF Oil

Marie-Before and After 8 Months of using IHRF Oil

Hi, I am Marie and i have been using ihrf oil for close to 8 months now.I was suffering from what was labelled as female pattern baldness, my doctor tested my thyroid level and other blood tests and gave me a clean bill of health, and I was very sad for i never expected to start loosing hair in my 30’s to the extent that my hair was limp and unhealthy and was very thin and my scalp started showing. I was embarrassed to be at any social gathering anymore and started avoiding any social gatherings , friends get together’s and even considered wearing a wig . I did try many hair growth vitamin products, minoxidil for women and many other products in my frantic search for a cure.

Then I came across an advertisement for ihrf oil – I looked into all their ingredients and it seemed to be organic and with no side effects.So i thought I will give it a try as it can cause no harm and if i don’t like it I will stop. oh girl i was so unsure but i made up my mind to try it as I was not expecting a miracle and knew that the product will work slowly as per their online website information.

I ordered the formula and tried it for 1 month and noticed that my hair loss decreased remarkably. Then in the second month I noticed my existing hair looking more healthy and lively, they seemed to be thicker and had a nice glow. The oil made my hair a little greasy and I was expecting it as I previously had not applied hair oil and definitely not on a daily basis. As per their instruction I used baby shampoo shampoo just to take off excess oil and I used the shampoo every 3 days.

By the third month I noticed that my scalp was not showing as much as before as the existing hair themselves were more thicker now and new follicles seemed to be regrowing. I was literally on cloud nine – my friends asked me about the wonderful glow that my hair had- they said my hair looks healthy and had a bounce to it!

I am so very happy after getting my healthy hair back now, I am confident and cheerful and like to be in social gatherings and almost all my family friends complimented on my hair and wanted to know the secret. I let them in on my secret and told them about IHRF oil. The best thing was that it had no side effects and I am so happy that I came across this product as it is not widely advertised.

Thank you ihrf for everything.

There are countless other testimonial that IHRF Oil Team has received and we are happy to make a difference in their lives for the better.