About IHRF Oil

Intense Hair Re-Growth Formula – IHRF Oil for Intense scalp stimulation and hair re-growth.

IHRF Oil – Intense Hair Regrowth Formula Oil is made from natural ingredients and has no side effects.
This product and the techniques of application described have produced new hair follicles to regrow in 1 month and grow strong healthy hair over a 6 month period.

You have to use the right product and use the right technique to cause your hair follicles to regrow.

Best Hair Loss Treatment for Hair Growth In Men and Women 

Intense Hair Re-growth Formula – IHRF Oil is made from pure herbal extracts combined with Olive oil formula and nourishes the hair and scalp resulting in a natural, silky finish and brilliant shine with the ability to restore over-processed hair damaged by environmental factors and chemical procedures.Intense Hair Re-growth Formula – IHRF Oil also stimulates revives hydrates and encourages hair growth.

IHRF Oil best hair loss treatment fpr hair growth men women1. Premium Olive hair oil enriched with 18 pure herbal extracts- regenerates dormant follicles which reverses baldness. Produces vellus hair initially and strengthens them into thick strong hair follicles.

2. Strengthens the roots of your hair, to help maintain their health and natural thickness.

3. Increases Blood supply to dormant follicle and causes intense scalp follicular stimulation when combined with specific application technique to cause hair to re-grow, Provides natural nourishment to your hair, giving it body and radiance.

4. Takes care of the critical balance of scalp and hair nutrients.

Ingredients contain pure herbal extracts in 100% pure olive oil base.

  • Butea monosperma-Flame of the Forest
  • Eclipta prostrata-Bhringraj
  • Phyllanthus emblica-Indian gooseberry or Aamla
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra-Liquorice
  • Centella asiatica-Centella OilBest Hair Loss Treatment formula and technique - for Intense scalp stimulation and hair re-growth.  STOP wasting you money on trying one product after another, especially products which can have side effects and have short term gains in hair growth and when stopped result in even more hair fall than before.  Lets get into the details of how hair grows and how we can reverse the damage that has happened.  Hair is nourished directly from the follicle. Follicles constantly create new hair cells that push one another upwards. Each person has a very complicated network of blood-carrying capillaries located on the surface of the head. Oxygen and nutrients are delivered by the blood. The follicle itself receives its nutrition from the blood vessels located nearby.
  • Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
  • Mangifera indica
  • Prunus dulcis-Almond Oil
  • Urtica dioica-Stinging Nettle
  • Aloe vera
  • Capsicum extract
  • Equisetum  horsetail-Horsetail extract
  • Camellia sinensis-Camellia oil
  • Rosmarinus officinalis-Rosemary Oil
  • Myristica fragrans-Nutmeg extract
  • Sapindus-Lychee extract
  • Argan oil-Moroccan Oil

All the ingredients used in the manufacture of Intense Hair Re-growth Formula – IHRF Oil for men and women are purely natural and the extracted oils are combined to bring about the best possible result for preventing hair loss and stimulating thick hair growth.

Intense Hair Re-growth Formula – IHRF oil, massage your scalp daily with this oil and you will definitely see new scalp hair in 2 months which will become thicker and stronger follicles to produce thick hair within 6 months.

Best Hair Loss Treatment formula.   Intense scalp stimulation, faster, longer hair re-growth.  Re-Grow Your Hair and Make Hair grow faster and longer.

Intense Hair Re-growth Formula – IHRF